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Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Fathered by an Architect, I would be dragged about cities, him insisting that I look up to admire the architecture above us or he would point out feats of engineering, explaining to me how they worked. It never bored me. Maths collides with art to make wonderous buildings and structures.


Close up of a large pylon

I enjoy losing myself in abstract pieces, the larger the better. I have recently been introducing these into my photographs. This allows me to merge my love of photography and painting. I do this by hand using many different paintings and colours.

I can also do originals to suit all spaces and custom prints using your photographs. Check out the Gallery above!

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Zaha Hadid.

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At the moment I am working on several commissions and logo designs. I usually have several art and design projects on the go at once, like my art I love to be industrious.